Ewa Lilith is conceived in 2015 and born in Copenhagen 2016. This is the beginning of a life no one can control.


Ewa is born as a fictive character and as such she does not have to obey the rules of reality, like time or physics. Her life is not necessarily told linear or chronologically and she may appear in any imaginable world and context - even at the same time.


Ewa is born with a defined personality and perception of reality, but with a contradictory inner nature of which she is in constant battle. This is Ewa’s main dilemma.


Ewa is designed to be a mirror for the collective human nature.


Ewa’s life and character will evolve and change with every manifestation of her being.


Ewa will experience things no one can control. She will even experience things that won’t be told.


Ewa is not limited to a specific medium or means of communication. Her existence can and will transcend media.


Ewa owns the right to her own life and ultimately to tell her own story.


Ewa has a collective conscience compiled and defined through the audience that pass through her.


The story of Ewa does not end with her death. Any new interpretation of Ewa must pay respect to predecessing manifestations of her life.




Signed, Copenhagen 2015








Mads Damsbo Johan Knattrup Jensen